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Nice ass

Indeed, the dandy-as-ass metaphor is given quite often, not only in written caricature but also in images like George Cruikshank’s “Comparative Anatomy, or, The Dandy Tribe” (1818). As the term has come to signify a foolish person, obviously, the dandy is ridiculed, usually because he willingly becomes a slave to fashion and sees an ass when looking in the mirror. Interestingly, in most of the metaphors of this kind, it is only the dandy’s head that resembles an ass. One source hints at an explanation: It’s the dandy’s diligently cultivated beard that motivates the comparison. Indeed, the dandies put much effort into the styling of their facial hair, a custom that caused quite a stir, many times.

While the dandy has been compared to the butterfly and the wasp, which both focus on the dandy’s look, primarily, some commentators take the issue more broadly and liken the dandy to an annoying insect.