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Dangerous Visions


This may be the book for which Ellison is best known -- and he was the editor, not the author.

"Editor "doesn't begin to describe the accomplishment here, which is quite astounding. Until Dangerous Visions, science fiction anthologies tended to be thin, both in content and quality: second-rate tales from seldom-read authors, gathered more or less at random and slapped between cheap paper covers bearing lurid illustrations that had nothing to do with the content within.

Ellison changed the rules. He solicited only unpublished works, and only from the most accomplished writers, both grand old masters and hot newcomers. Moreover, he urged his contributors to stretch, to challenge their own abilities, to offer something cutting edge that might scare off editors of the more conventional science fiction magazines.

He got what he was after. At the time of its publication, Dangerous Visions truly was dangerous. A good many of its stories remain fresh and daring today, nearly three decades hence -- particularly "Riders of the Purple Wage" by Phillip Josť Farmer and "Aye, and Gomorrah ..." by Samuel R. Delany.

Collector's notes

Hardcover first editions in excellent condition are among the most highly prized Ellison finds. Book club editions are common.


  • Introduction (by Adam Roberts) (2011 edition)
  • Foreword: Year 2002 (by Michael Moorcock) (2002 edition)
  • Introduction: Year 2002 (2002 edition)
  • Foreword I: The Second Revolution (by Isaac Asimov)
  • Foreword II: Harlan and I (by Isaac Asimov)
  • Introduction: Thirty-two Soothsayers
  • Evensong (by Lester del Rey)
  • Flies (by Robert Silverberg)
  • The Day After the Day the Martians Came (by Frederik Pohl)
  • Riders of the Purple Wage (by Philip Jose Farmer)
  • The Malley System (by Miriam Allen deFord)
  • A Toy for Juliette (by Robert Bloch)
  • The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World
  • The Night That All Time Broke Out (by Brian W. Aldiss)
  • The Man Who Went to the Moon -- Twice (by Howard Rodman)
  • Faith of Our Fathers (by Philip K. Dick)
  • The Jigsaw Man (by Larry Niven)
  • Gonna Roll the Bones (by Fritz Leiber)
  • Lord Randy, My Son (by Joe L. Hensley)
  • Eutopia (by Poul Anderson)
  • Incident in Moderan (by David R. Bunch)
  • The Escaping (by David R. Bunch)
  • The Doll-House (by James Cross)
  • Sex and/or Mr. Morrison (by Carol Emshwiller)
  • Shall the Dust Praise Thee? (by Damon Knight)
  • If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister? (by Theodore Sturgeon)
  • What Happened to Auguste Clarot? (by Larry Eisenberg)
  • Ersatz (by Harry Slesar)
  • Go, Go, Go, Said the Bird (by Sonya Dorman)
  • The Happy Breed (by John T. Sladek)
  • Encounter with a Hick (by Jonathan Brand)
  • From the Government Printing Office (by Kris Neville)
  • Land of the Great Horses (by R.A. Lafferty)
  • The Recognition (by J.G. Ballard)
  • Judas (by John Brunner)
  • Test to Destruction (by Keith Laumer)
  • Carcinoma Angels (by Norman Spinrad)
  • Auto-Da-Fe (by Roger Zelazny)
  • Aye, and Gomorrah ... (by Samuel R. Delany)

(Each story is preceded by comments from Ellison and followed by comments from the author.)

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Doubleday hardcover 1967

Sphere (UK) paperback 1974

Sphere (UK) paperback 1974

Gollancz (UK) trade paperback 1987

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