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About this site

I undertook this survey of Harlan Ellison's literary output in 1995, having forgotten just how bloody many books bear the guy's name. In the years since, it has been a bit of a challenge for me to keep Islets of Langerhans up to date as Ellison's bibliography has sent shoots and runners in every direction.

A major revamp of the site in late 2002 included the site's first FAQ and the Islets sale table, featuring used Ellison first editions and reading copies.

I'm indebted, first and foremost, to Harlan Ellison himself for his enormous patience answering questions, offering suggestions and giving me an opportunity to get to know the generous spirit behind the cyclone. Huge thanks also to David Loftus and Phil Nichols, whose surveys of Ellison's spoken word and film/television work, respectively, added new dimensions to this site. Finally, much appreciation to Rick Wyatt, curator of the official Harlan Ellison Web site, and Christopher Harris Day, mastermind behind the Web's best survey of Ellison's comic and graphic work, for demonstrating that my obsession, if odd, is not exactly unique.

In real life, I'm an assistant to the mayor of Boise, Idaho; husband to the beautiful and talented Cynthia Tank, graphic designer and singer/actress; father to Toby, German shepherd and furniture deconstructor; a guitarist, bassist, music lover and movie buff, a home brewer, backpacker and fly fisher.

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